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Alright its been way too long...

Posted by DemolisherMusic - July 10th, 2020

So ik I said I was gonna come back and then I ended up not coming back. Honestly the reason I didn't come back was due to a LOT of personal stuff and a lack of motivation to create tracks. So I don't wanna get peoples hopes up so here is what I will do for sure. Sometime this year, I do plan on releasing two more tracks, they may be complete tracks or they may be clips (I'm not rly sure yet). After that I'm probably gonna not upload anymore. I may post another track here and there, but I'm never gonna be as active as I was when I first joined this platform. The two tracks I am referring to are a remix of Ill sharp minor by Rukkus and a VIP remix of my first track “Bounce”. I also might post a clip of one of these tracks on my yt so be sure to check for that. Like I said, it is STILL POSSIBLE that I may upload in the future but the chances are extremely low. Anyways, thank you to the very few people that followed me and enjoyed my music, its been a good run.

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Hey, if the time isn't a problem for you, you can do like me, I always have a period where I have so many ideas that I can't create them all without forgetting some, and right after, nothing, though I always try to make like pretty much everything that comes up in my head, and see if I can do something from there. I know, not really a good advice since it's totally random, but I thought I should say it anyway.

Hey Nate! I wouldn't really say that the reason i'm stopping music is because I have so many ideas and I forget them. I just do not really want to do it anymore, I lost a lot of motivation to make music due to personal reasons and losing all my old tracks and projects. Right now time isn't too much of a problem which is why I wanna get my two latest tracks out soon. The main reason I wanna get these tracks out is because it wouldn't sit right with me if I didn't finish them and release them, considering how close they are to being complete. Apart from that I am still in high school and I am also working at the same time so once school starts for me It will be very hard to keep up with my music anyways. But thanks for the advice anyways dude, means a lot.